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Guest Posts & Interviews

Here’s some stuff I’ve written in other places!

That One Time at the School Dance — in which I compare my idealized version of the high school dance and, uh, what actually happened.

The Top 5 Pop Culture Romances of the 1980s — A guest post at Just Contemporary Romance. (Can anyone say Moonlighting?)

Six Romantic 1980s Movies Everyone Should See — A guest post at Never Too Many To Read, in which I opine on my love for Better off Dead, among other things.

A 1980s Pop Culture Quiz — A silly (and totally tubular!) quiz I wrote for All About Romance.

What 1980s music Inspired The Fixer? A guest post for Evermore Books which is exactly what it sounds like!

That One Time at Camp — A guest post at Ever After Romance in which I recount my utter failure at being a camper.

An Interview with Jenny Holiday — I chat with Dabney Grinnan at All About Romance about the 49th Floor series, Toronto, and TV.

Why I Read Romance Novels and Why You Should Too — A guest post on Imperfect Women

What Not To Say To A Romance Novelist — Another Imperfect Women guest post.

The Seven Phases of Coming Out as a Reader of Romance Novels — A Buzzfeed post.

The Worst Pick Up Line I’ve Ever Heard — A guest post in the “Worst Pick Up Lines” series at Entangled in Romance

Top Five Reasons to Love the Twenty-First Century — A guest post at Just Contemporary Romance, this piece is a silly look back at when I took the leap from writing historicals to writing my first contemporary novel.

Five Reasons my Billionaire Book Fails the Billionaire Book Test — Another (silly) guest post for Just Contemporary Romance.

The Four Best Jane Austen Adaptations You’ve Never Heard Of — A guest post at Fresh Fiction.

A Throwback Thursday post — See me in my winter formalware circa 1990 at this Throwback Thursday post at Entangled in Romance

Inheritance Books – A guest post on Rhonda Baxter’s blog, in which she interviews people about books they have inherited or will pass down to future generations.

On Falling in Love in Romanceland — A guest post on the fabulous Wonk-o-Mance blog.

The Romance BFF — A guest post at Fresh Fiction

It’s Time for Christmas, People: Behold my (Canadian) Logic — A Guest post on Entangled in Romance in which I defend the practice of cranking up the Christmas carols right after Canadian Thanksgiving.

An Interview with Bitten By Romance — Jasmyn at Bitten By Romance asks me about my useless college degrees, whether I’m superstitious and if I believe in love at first sight.

The story of The Likelihood of Lucy — A guest post on Lisa Loves Books

Behind the Book: The Miss Mirren Mission — A guest post on Entangled in Romance

Behind the Book: Sleeping With Her Enemy — A guest post on Entangled in Romance

Behind the Book: Saving the CEO — A guest post on Entangled in Romance

Behind the Book: His Heart’s Revenge – A guest post on Entangled in Romane

Hometown Cooking with Jenny Holiday — A guest post on Entangled in Romance in which I share my Grandma Blanche’s awesome pumpkin chiffon pie.